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Bio: I have had an interest in movies for the majority of my life now. Always looking for the films that strive to be different and push the boundaries of whats acceptable. Film is imagination manifested. I rank films mostly off of my pure enjoyment of the movie.

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95 85% Fried Barry (2020) - Rated 04 Jan 2023
"This is the kind of movie I look for all the time. I was so incredibly happy with everything in this movie. The main actor has to be one of the most perfect casting choices in cinema history. Hes otherworldly, i think he may actually be from outerspace. What a ride. I highly recommend watching this movie"
100 97% Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"This movie made me cry and have an existential crisis and pull me back from the brink, made me laugh, made me think. I loved every facet of this movie!"
60 12% Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) - Rated 01 Feb 2022
"Its really not that great. Im still not too terribly into this representation of venom and im definitely not into this version of carnage. I feel like they dont know how to balance brutality and humor well and it shows. Certain point it felt very forced, especially from harrelson which I wouldnt have expected. Just low hangin fruit here."
78 31% Space Force (2020) - Rated 01 Feb 2022
"Its a funny show. So far i dont see it as anything too ground breaking but its got its moments and i kept watching and thats all you can really hope for with a series. I dont see this as something i would recommend watching necessarily though"
20 1% The Matrix Resurrections (2021) - Rated 01 Feb 2022
"I had high hopes goin into this. Coming out of it, those hopes are now 6 feet below me. I simply cant with this movie. Its as though someone wrote a bad fan fiction of the matrix. All the constant references to the past movies and its self aggrandizing arrogant ass narrative finally made my brain want the blue pill. Please take me back to a reality where the matrix is still good, i'll eat a nice steak watching it and ill be at peace finally."
100 97% Sausage Party (2016) - Rated 10 Jun 2021
"I loved every single thing about this movie. Its dark and twisted with great humor and pretty poignant for how obnoxious it can be."
73 23% Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - Rated 12 Mar 2020
"It wasn't awful. the story is pretty boring honestly. why didn't we just have an hour an a half of nonstop running and explosions? that's literally the only thing we want to see. I don't care about his witty banter. Let Jim Carrey be insane and make sonic run. that's all you gotta do. I don't care about this buddy cop James marsden thing, its super corny. they should kill him off in the next one."
83 44% The Invisible Man (2020) - Rated 12 Mar 2020
"This was a pretty solid take on the invisible man premise. I could feel this woman's anxiety, shes a great actress. She really sold the whole thing for me. I really liked the psychological aspect of it all, it was a pretty decent watch, Idk if it would be as entertaining a second time through though. this is pretty much a one and done movie."
85 49% Midsommar (2019) - Rated 18 Oct 2019
"the bright lsd laden imagery of this movie contrasted by the extreme visuals really makes this movie pop out at you. its creepiness is only exacerbated by how nice and quaint everyone is. the idea that the movies concept revolves around the end of an unhealthy relationship to cultivate a brighter future for the main character is pretty cool and when you watch the movie from that lense, I feel it helps you to understand it alot more."
35 4% 3 from Hell (2019) - Rated 17 Oct 2019
"Thanks for shitting on my teenage years Rob! appreciate it man! What the hell happened to you!? why would you sully the 2 good original movies you made with this horseshit? its so bad. the dialogue is up there with the new offbrand Hellboy, it all feels incredibly forced by bad actors. I kept holding out hope for bill moseley to be a cool badass again, but it felt hollow this time around. like a band just strumming out the hits. except these songs suck."