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Member Since: Jul 24, 2017

Bio: WARNING: My tiers might be skewed because I go out of my way to avoid bad movies. -> the Tier 5 of my scored film list includes movies I'd happily watch again, recco 2 others & prob received 4* or 5* reviews in press.

0-20 = 1* | 20-40 = 2* | 40-60 = 3*
60-80 = 4* | 80-100 = 5*

Just returned 2 Criticker. Got excited about whole idea so posted rankings for everything that stands out in my memory. However, as I saw some of these films YEARS ago I might not remember whether exactly deserve 71 or 91 points. So I may update some rankings as I re-watch. Happy 2 receive any reasoned & reasonable (!) advice as to why my opinion is 'wrong'

Not ranked PURELY on cinematic quality but also slanted scores somewhat toward enjoyability as entertainment. IE. Maybe I am just accustomed to modern pacing but I find some B&W white classics tad slow 4 repeated viewing. (Feel I can't be alone in that). So, though I can clearly recognize & appreciate classic pieces of cinema or ground-breaking, game changers of their time I'd still rather watch Inception, Fight Club, Heat, GoG, Sideways, Trainspotting or Big Lebowski 4 times than say Birth of a Nation or Citizen Kane once.

-> I might score an old classic 82 & superb new film 92 even tho I think they are approx same quality. The modern Fincher/Nolan/Coens etc is just more ENJOYABLE to me.

(PS. Had previous account (P1001) b4 but lost details)

more Recent Ratings

82 56% Marianne (2019) - Sep 10, 2020
64 25% The Lovebirds (2020) - May 27, 2020
"Really fun start. Broke 6 laugh test in first few mins alone. Sadly, never quite as good again. After bar meet-up scene quality dropped | 2nd fall-off in quality after police cell || Leads spark superbly 2gether | Funny, likable film but not outstanding | Are better alternatives, for example, Game Night = better bet for similar pitched humor & situation | Booksmart is a far better recent comedy | Not at all bad, though, for a fun night in with, at least, a few drinks. | 3.75 to 4 stars"
83 59% Midsommar (2019) - May 25, 2020
"A beautiful, gentle, open-minded documentary on indigenous cultures. Check your Anglophone, Judeo-Christian privilege so you can learn & enjoy."
72 35% Extra Ordinary (2019) - May 16, 2020
"Daft, sweet & cute | Some highly amusing, verbal & visual, riffs on The Exorcist etc | VERY Irish in its heart & gentle humor | Slow, steady pace (best car chase ever) - it's not a rat, tat, tat & zippy comedy | It's more by way of extended sketch situational & odd character based humor | It's not a Mocumentary but, that aside, it reminds me in tone of What We Do In The Shadows [+ splash of Father Ted] | My guess = U like ‘WWD In TS' then you'll also enjoy this"
47 10% The Wretched (2020) - May 13, 2020
"Its an "UN film": unobjectionable, unexceptional, unremarkable, & Uneasy, at best. It's simply...un.... | Could've benefitted from a charismatic lead | Had logic holes U could drive a cleaning cart, let alone a broomstick, through | Don't hate it | When it works its because of body articulations, insect-like noises & her (her #1) - who was creepy 2 me even BEFORE | Under tree bit on was "oh dear!" but flower trick -> end shot was neat & pulled it back up to a 3*"
80 52% The Half of It (2020) - May 13, 2020
"?? Sweet without being saccharine. Lovely, witty, modern Cyrano spin | LoL parts | Touching & clever - Best ?s I recall: Train setup & pay off. Tag-team painting. Oceans' 11 heist planning style bits. TXTing in/to diner. Growth of oddball platonic friendship = as/more imp than ?? || MINOR?s: If She's as smart as lead (whole point) she's bit slow on uptake + He is sometimes 2 dumb 2 to credit! | Not perfect but life-affirming & heart-lifting: Strong reco 2 watch"
70 32% All the Bright Places (2020) - May 12, 2020
"Young black guy jogs in inappropriate clothing - things go badly! _______________________ How did they know ??? ??"
69 30% The Truth (2019) - May 11, 2020
"Not an expert in French, ? focused films. Maybe are better 1s (?) but I liked it | Total ? of film (+ in her head & life) is = 200% self-obsessed, bitchy witty Fabienne | CD = great & Binoche keeps pace 2 ??Hawke (tho fine) = irrelevant + film is 96%+ in French. USA star + 5 mins of English = marketing trick. Know what U will truly see: Slow paced, wryly amusing (not a LOL) comedy. Not much happens. Is study of mores & relationships in V French, V female film. As THAT: good"
52 13% Tigertail (2020) - May 10, 2020
"Slow, contemplative & heart-felt take but didn't I find it that riveting | Good portrayal of emotionally closed-off man who made pragmatic , aspirant choices over warmth & love - ultimately, in ALL his relationships | Immigrant experience is central 2 plot but not, I feel, to theme, intent & core concerns of the film | Rice fields beautiful | Nice & moving last shot | Sad, introspective reflection on choices made & not, life, love & loss | Not bad, but didn't engage ME enough."
70 32% A Rainy Day in New York (2019) - May 09, 2020
"Pleasant. Charming | No surprise that = VERY Woody Allen. There U go: if you like WA films it wont disappoint. If U dislike, it wont convert U| ?: Tim Cham does excellent Allen impression; @ start I was struck by voice, mannerisms, all of it || Love letter 2 neurotic New Yorkers doing very NY things + Romantic & Film industry adventures | Lots of quick aside Lit & Cine-Lit jokes | I only know classic+early WA films but this is clearly same guy doing his thing, pretty well"