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Location: Akron, OH, USA

Bio: Fledgling movie buff. I'd like to believe I evaluate all movies objectively, but I have a fairly massive bias towards sci-fi, along with adventure movies and sentimental stuff like Capra and Spielberg. I also tend to give low rankings to films that disappoint me, or that are overly surreal.

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T1 The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) - Dec 19, 2009
"Like any great sci-fi, this film asks the audience questions. Unfortunately in this case, they're questions like: What did I just watch? Why does Chewbacca's family have so much random technology? Why are they named Itchy and Lumpy? Why are there rock bands in the Star Wars universe? Can acting be more half-assed? Why does Chewbacca's dad have an orange singing girl fetish? Who do I blame for this crime against humanity?"
95 T10 Unforgiven (1992) - Feb 07, 2010
"Perhaps no man other than Eastwood could make Unforgiven, which is a love letter to the Western as much as it is a deconstruction. It features conflicts as tense and scenery as beautiful as any other in the genre, but doesn't simplify its characters or romanticize their murders. This refusal to overlook these flaws, in his character or his genre, allows Eastwood to create something intensely beautiful and powerful."