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Member Since: Sep 1, 2009

Location: Akron, OH, USA

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36 21% Step Up (2006) - Jan 12, 2019
"This movie is... not good. However it has probably gained at least 10 points since the emergence of Channing Tatum as a legitimate comedy actor. It adds a light sheen of incredulity and hilarity to the otherwise nearly unbearable mid 00s cliches and costumes."
61 68% Silence (2016) - Jan 12, 2019
69 83% Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Jan 12, 2019
31 16% Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) - Jan 12, 2019
62 70% Overlord (2018) - Jan 12, 2019
"A shockingly good war movie that also happens to have mad Nazi scientist zombies."
59 63% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Jan 01, 2019
"Has only about half-an-hour worth of story, and replaces the remaining runtime with highly accurate recreations of Queen's greatest hits. However, considering how great their music is, that is in no way a negative."
48 40% Halloween (2018) - Dec 31, 2018
"A perfectly fine movie, but the reviews seemed to give it a lot of credit just for not being a piece of shit like the last 9 versions. Yes, it's a welcome change that they discarded 30 years of exceedingly more ludicrous canon. But the thrills and atmosphere don't begin to rival the original. There is character drama, but it's pretty meaningless. Entertaining but not great."