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82 82% Don't Look Up (2021) - Rated 28 Jan 2022
"Don't Look Up serves a lighthearted purpose. It mocks the western society for the reluctance to see the bigger picture. That fact, despite being utterly heartwarming, is of course nothing new, more like a coping mechanism for the majority of us. The how of the movie is sadly forgettable, characters lack personality and the story lacks the flair in bringing the message forth. Nonetheless it is the right message to bring and I hope, in case the world ends, I too can see it go while having dinner."
30 3% Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - Rated 05 Nov 2021
"I always thought there must be a Twilight equivalent for boys, and there you go. With a main character, who has nothing to say, so you can substitute himself easily with yourself, a damsel in distress in risqué out of place dressing whose main purpose is to be saved, and over the top nonsensical adventure scenes, swinging ropes and climbing submarines, it feeds the monkey brain. And the worst thing is - it does that deliberately. A purposefully dumbed down idea built in the lab for consumption."
70 58% Tenet (2020) - Rated 29 Oct 2021
"Whenever I watch yet another movie about time travel, my left eye starts to twitch uncontrollably. This is known as a temporal eye twitching paradox. Only this time, time travel is put on a carcass of a cheap Bond ripoff with a main hero so boringly numb, that the travel bit is the most interesting part. It felt like watching a mystery quiz show trying to connect the dots together about war motivation entropy something. Boom! I, the future self, read the text backwards and approved this message."
72 62% A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982) - Rated 19 Oct 2021
"Silly in a lighthearted way midsummer night brings forth the drawings about how romantic human relationships function and by touching on this and that explains where does sex fit in the process. It never lingers on one topic for long ultimately giving way to more silliness and eventually starts to drag. Losing the basis it fails to rely on characters and acting and this wibbly wobbly contraption leaves you wanting for more but then it is morning's documentary time and you're moving on already."
54 28% Death to 2020 (2020) - Rated 01 Jan 2021
"It's a movie equivalent of a two year old and her understanding of time and importance - sometimes unexpectedly brilliant, but mostly just toddling around and not coherent enough to be proper funny. One thing it does catch well is the American egocentrism. But while it had a chance to laugh about caricatured personal freedoms as opposed to any process of thinking, it mostly went for the American presidential election, which as fun as it was, did not define 2020 for the majority of the world."
38 8% Time Trap (2017) - Rated 19 Jun 2020
"Since when any nonsense passes as sci-fi? Time travel in some 60 meter deep cave in front of everyone's nose that nobody can find? Yup, you got it, brilliant. Meaningless future scenes instead of a decent story? Say no more. Trivia time: which movie genre does not require any character development? Think about it. And while you're at it, listen, it felt like I've got 5 years older after watching this movie, even though it merely lasted 90 minutes. Sci-fi me this."
85 89% Blade Runner (1982) - Rated 12 Jun 2020
"I was sucked into this strange futuristic (not anymore, ha!) world full of dark tones, large screens and flying cars mostly because it is so briliantly cohesive in its peculiarities and melancholy. The bittersweet story, attention to detail, strong secondary cast, character motivations, fantastic Vangelis' music all add to the mood and lull you into perceiving the standard detective formula as something familiar yet more consequential because of the quaint sci fi theme it is dressed in."
45 16% Contagion (2011) - Rated 22 May 2020
"Instead of a usual script this movie is based on a statistics research paper and thus too much of its budget was spent for famous actors to portray emotionless stereotypes. A percentage of people get sick, some die, scientists research cure, some people have to manage the crisis, some cheat and some live in lockdown. Story guesses were quite accurate given current pandemics (except looting), but the aforementioned research paper did not describe any emotions and so characters had none."
74 67% Joker (2019) - Rated 24 Apr 2020
"I sometimes wonder if having a clear message is out of fashion these days. Was Joker mental from the get-go, or did the society make him this way, did he embrace brutality or did he imagine it. If only strong ideas didn't need solid foundation. Now, Joaquin's acting and all the growing painful discomfort of the scenes were wasted on a movie that wanted to be everything at once and ended up being an overly ambitious non-achiever philosophising in a room he has not left in.. waaait."
64 48% The Invention of Lying (2009) - Rated 10 Apr 2020
"'Tis true that comedy is usually found in the details, but if this is not your first encounter with Mr. Gervais, you will find the narrative lazy and predictable. Almost any other ending (including no ending) would have been better, choice of topics - uninspiring. If you somehow can ignore all that - the execution is not that bad, the aforementioned details exist in small talk or cardboard boxes, secondary cast are a-ok. N.B.: better Ricky Gervais content exists, go find it!"