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62 43% Suburbicon (2017) - Nov 09, 2019
"Pick your own plot-con has too many plot lines to pick from but not enough focus. Now and again a scene blossoms with standard Coen peculiarities but generally those scenes are too disconnected from one another, while gaps are just filled with pleasant pieces of fluff. The tension is utterly artificial, yet what it lacks most - is a single strong character to create proper moral contrast and carry this movie somewhere. This does not happen and so suburbicon lingers in the limbo of inadequacy."
38 8% Thor (2011) - Oct 18, 2019
"Thor, the famous Nordic god of abs has it rough. Despite having a big hammer he is not very smart and struggles to kapow all the snowmen tribe to oblivion, thus he has to go on a journey to learn how to say please and thank you and where would you find a better place for that than earth? Now I wouldn't want to spoil you all the plot, but just know this kids, that saying please gets you places and that Natalie Portman had to longingly ooh and aah at his abs, hence having a six-pack is also ok."
50 22% Catfight (2016) - Oct 04, 2019
"Catfight is a movie that wants to throw a punch at you, but never musters the courage to do so. Then it wants to talk about things adults talk about but ends up just talking big. In the corner. To itself. Everybody is slightly bonkers, but never enough to be properly bizarre. Comedy bits? Must have missed them. The whole experience is like watching a mass fight in parliament with classical music in the background because wouldn't that be funny? In fact, compared to this it probably would."
59 36% Amélie (2001) - Sep 20, 2019
"It is yet another overstylised and undersubstanced movie. A collection of random thoughts and details that could give character to something only there is nothing to give the character to, but other random thoughts and details. The connecting love theme is properly diluted and so is character development. This is the homeopathy of cinema: attractive, colourful and weird but carrying no depth to its messages whatsoever and providing no benefit for this chronicle illness we call life."
62 43% Always Be My Maybe (2019) - Jun 28, 2019
"This movie is an unfortunate genre misfit, and it dutifully carries the full romantic load all the way to the happy tearjerking ending and its own demise. You will be glad to know, love prevails once again. In contrast to the above it has unexpectedly bright comedy bits on an interpersonal and cultural levels. The freshness of comic thought is sporadic though as if there was not enough material to go the full way and thus the need to lean on the good old formulaic and fluffy gap filling."
44 15% Iron Man 2 (2010) - Jun 02, 2019
"The Flamboyant Fridge Man has returned! Life was going well for him after the last movie, but, oh no, the Troubles from the Past are catching up! Will the power of cheesy dialog and the heroic will to overcome a brutal childhood trauma (his dad may not have loved him much) prove sufficient to manifest in the better welding skill than the Evil Fridge Man? Where does Ms. Johansson come from (plot twist, so unreal!?!) and who will help the hero to navigate all the plotlines that lead nowhere? "
55 29% Wine Country (2019) - May 31, 2019
"Yet another movie where people struggle to get older, when (hold on, scientific fact!) one doesn't particularly need to do much for that to happen. While advancing the age in numbers the growth in character did not happen hence even though some of the scenes started promisingly they did not lead anywhere else but to middle-aged ladies rolling down hills and having mostly clichéd conversations about nothing. No wonder they mostly hated each other. Next time maybe do a gunfight scene at the end?"
62 43% Manhattan (1979) - May 15, 2019
"Manhattan lacks the flair and freshness of Annie Hall. Being in a general sense a similar movie sometimes it feels like a distant relative but mostly only as a wimpy cousin that is on your nerves all the time because of neverending complaints. Does it capture the essence of Manhattan? Cant' say. What it does clearly capture though is a limp train of thought that even a superb cast (with the exception of Allen himself) could not steer to anything tangible."
81 80% Don't Think Twice (2016) - Apr 27, 2019
"In its essence not thinking twice is also about the realisation of not making it - the two favourite pastimes of middle age human beings. The mediocrity of the story, annoying characters and even dull improvisation scenes - it all connects in some distorted way. The strength thus lies in what this movie doesn't do - it doesn't tell you all the life truths and doesn't bash you with the didactics of the world. It is like a lukewarm cup of tea at that perfect time when you just did not need it."
42 12% The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Apr 05, 2019
"I wonder if Marvel studios create scripts based on a checklist of sorts: uncomplicated story- check, love angle - check, possible joke situations - check, plot twist - check, explosions - check, troubled hero lookalike - check, big bad enemy - check, big good green blob (extra points) - check, famous actors - check, good side prevailing - check. Ding ding ding ding! we have a winner ladies and gentlemen a movie worth dying for. Suprisingly it also makes me question my movie selection choices."