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82 T6 The Fault in Our Stars (2014) - May 26, 2015
"wildly corny, and unrealistic in so many ways. augustus was essentially the male version of the manic pixie dream girl - his entire existence revolved around making the female protagonist happy. even still, I can't say I hated watching it. I was fully aware of its manipulation techniques and the way it milked cancer for emotional punch, but there was something sweet about it that I can't quite put my finger on. the actors had great chemistry, and for what it was, it wasn't terribly written."
50 T1 Mortdecai (2015) - May 13, 2015
"i had the misfortune of seeing part of this film while i was at the nail salon, and it made me mourn for the death of film, and for humanity in general. i also felt great sadness for everyone involved in this project - from the director to the actors to the poor guy holding the boom on set. their work on this film seems to put a resounding end to any dreams anyone involved here might once have had of being an artist."
77 T4 Magic in the Moonlight (2014) - May 13, 2015
"not a "terrible" film, but it becomes considerably worse when you realize woody allen was at the helm. it explores the issues of life, death and the futility of mortality, which in some way or another, allen has been exploring throughout his long career, but it was never handled in quite as childish a manner as it was here. this film felt simple, the story felt thin and gimmicky. moreover, the chemistry between firth and stone was so off - given that she looked about 12. overall disappointing."
86 T8 Shakespeare in Love (1998) - Apr 08, 2015
"not perfect by any means, but a fun watch regardless. to be fair, i am a sucker for period pieces, and this is about as period as it gets. notwithstanding that the shakespeare depicted here was actually kind of a dick, the film was pretty good, with both funny and tearful moments. paltrow in particular shone in her role as viola, and though the shakespeare references throughout were a little trite, they fit in with the tone of the film and were ultimately acceptable. "
89 T9 Sabrina (1954) - Apr 06, 2015
"lovely, lovely, lovely. i love audrey, i love humphrey, i love this film. and, of course, with billy wilder at the helm it was impossible for me not to. such a sweet, delicate story about young love and growing up, told in true old-hollywood fashion. it's an underrated film, to be sure, but i think it's right up there with both bogart and hepburn's greatest works, in terms of quality."
85 T8 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) - Apr 05, 2015
"a really fun, easy watch that made me nostalgic for the past. i guess there's just a certain charm in old films that's seldom found in modern cinema. there were some laugh-out-loud moments, and some truly wonderful dresses/outfits. definitely one of howard hawks' more light-hearted endeavours. what enjoyed most about the film was that it depicted, in a very caricaturistic style, albeit, the kind of camaraderie between female friends that you'd be hard pressed to find these days."
78 T5 John Wick (2014) - Mar 27, 2015
"exactly what i expected it would be. it was a barebones action-revenge story that worked with the bare essentials of what it takes to frame bloody and intense action sequences into a semblance of a story. it relied on every cliche out there, but i appreciated that it was completely up front about the kind of film that it was, and didn't put on any airs. not necessarily my genre, but a pretty good watch regardless. "
83 T7 The Princess Bride (1987) - Mar 27, 2015
"a fun classic, with some real solid writing behind it. it's clear goldman was just having fun, and the resulting film a marvelously entertaining swashbuckler adventure. it's a film full of catchy quotes and funny moments - i can see why it's such a heavily referenced film, though to be honest, as someone who's watched it after the hype, i'd say it's a bit overrated. "
88 T9 Big Hero 6 (2014) - Mar 22, 2015
"really, really impressive. one of the best disney films made in recent years. a conventional story structure with a rather unique premise and extremely endearing characters. it was a real joy to watch, both visually and in terms of story. definitely reminiscent of the iron giant, but done with a modern twist. overall, great!"
85 T8 American Graffiti (1973) - Mar 10, 2015
"a fun watch - especially fascinating as it pertained to the "cruiser culture" of the early 60s. i loved the sets and the authenticity of the world depicted. it reminded me a lot of dazed and confused, though in my opinion, not as good (i will always be a linklater fan at heart). i can't say i was particularly moved while watching the film, but the more i think about it, the more i like it, and the more lucas's choices make sense to me. "