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99 95% The Wire (2002) - Rated 16 Oct 2015
"While the characters are rich and the writing phenomenal, perhaps the most impressive aspect of the show is its ability to convey the soul of a city. David Simon peels back the layers of Baltimore and leaves us staring in amazement, and at times horror, at its too often rotten core."
100 98% Breaking Bad (2008) - Rated 16 Oct 2015
"Breaking Bad is the pinnacle of TV drama. While the focus is certainly the transformation of Walter White, the richness of the periphery truly elevates his story. I don't think I've ever seen a show that so successfully builds suspense over multiple seasons toward a thunderous finish."
92 72% Better Call Saul (2015) - Rated 16 Oct 2015
"It may never be able to match Breaking Bad, but Better Call Saul is a genius drama in its own right. Knowing what Saul becomes makes the journey that much more fascinating. Odenkirk has never been better."
85 50% The Princess Bride (1987) - Rated 16 Oct 2015
"A whimsical take on fairy tale fare; this may not feature noteworthy performances or fantastic cinematography, but the wit is sharp enough make this a classic."
94 77% Apocalypse Now (1979) - Rated 16 Oct 2015
"Perhaps the most influential of all war movies; Copolla gives the war is hell genre its measuring stick. The journey is harrowing, violent, and utterly riveting."
89 59% Unforgiven (1992) - Rated 16 Oct 2015
"The rare western that actually cares more about people than shootouts. Not that the shootouts are lacking"
83 46% Bernie (2012) - Rated 11 Oct 2015
"At times I was wondering why I was watching it, but then Jack Black was singing along to Love Lifted Me and I could't stop laughing."
85 50% Killer Joe (2012) - Rated 11 Oct 2015
"Terrifying performance by McConaughy"
90 65% Interstellar (2014) - Rated 11 Oct 2015
"I'm a sucker for space movies, and while the plot didn't hit quite as hard as Nolan intends, the visuals are mind-blowing at times."
80 37% 16 Blocks (2006) - Rated 11 Oct 2015
"Weird to be saying this, but I thought Mos Def was really good."