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Movie Buff - 131 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 5, 2013

Age: 33

Bio: The criticker 100-point ranking system is just too overwhelming for me, so I'm rating films on a scale from 10 to 50. Think of them as five-star-rankings, with every 5 points being half a star. I sure hope I'm going about this in the most confusing way possible.

I watch a lot of movies, with a heavy bias towards the horror genre. I try to write mini-reviews for all or at least most of the films I rate here because snarking and gushing are two of my favorite past-times.

more Recent Ratings

25 33% Toolbox Murders (2004) - Mar 20, 2016
35 56% The Woman (2011) - Dec 05, 2015
"Boys Will Be Boys: The Movie. (3.5/5)"
20 19% Circle (2015) - Dec 05, 2015
"What a waste of an intriguing set-up. The social commentary is shallow and predictable. The script is tedious and repetitive; you could even say it goes around... in circles. That joke right there was more inspired than the execution of this film. (2/5)"
50 93% It Follows (2015) - Dec 04, 2015
"As a desensitized horror buff I had quietly resigned to the idea that I'm just never again going to feel scared watching a horror movie the way I did as delicate fourteen-year-old catching glimpses of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" through my fingers. Then "It Follows" came along and proved me wrong. It feels like a nightmare in the most literal sense, and it absolutely nails that terrifying, yet dreamy atmosphere. This film is a goddamn gift. (5/5)"
50 93% Stand by Me (1986) - May 18, 2015
"I didn't expect a movie about four boys growing up in a small town in the 50s to get such a powerful nostalgic reaction out of me, a girl who spent her childhood in 90s suburbs, but something about this film transcends the specifics of the setting and manages to tap into that universal bittersweet experience of childhood's end. It's very simple, in a good way. And how often do you get to see a film with such a fantastic and not-annoying cast of child actors? (5/5)"
30 43% eXistenZ (1999) - May 18, 2015
"Some guy went on about how he couldn't stop seeing the bioports on their backs as weirdly sexual after watching this and I was like lol bitch please did you think that was accidental on the film's part welcome to Cronenbergland (3/5)"
20 19% They Came Together (2014) - May 18, 2015
"I'm not a big fan of this kind of Airplane-style gag humour in the first place, but making fun of formulaic Hollywood rom coms is essentially shooting fish in a barrel and there's only a handful of moments where the film rises above the really obvious jokes and comes up with something more clever or surprising. I managed to sit through the whole thing because Paul and Amy are adorbz. (2/5)"
20 19% The Sacrament (2013) - Feb 08, 2015
"This didn't really do anything to me. The actual Jonestown tape is a hundred times scarier. (2/5)"
30 43% The Innkeepers (2011) - Feb 01, 2015
"In a typical Ti West fashion, the build-up/payoff ratio in the Innkeepers is completely skewed in the favor of the former. The endearing character interaction and the odd ~spooky~ moments scattered throughout kept me entertained enough, however, and in the end the pieces of the story click together in a kind of a classic campfire story sort of way. (3/5)"
15 8% House of 1000 Corpses (2003) - Feb 01, 2015
"It's like if Uwe Boll was a juggalo. (1.5/5)"