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90 T10 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Jul 11, 2015
"A brilliantly made action flick, the movie has a fairly simple plot but that means we have clear motivations for the characters that aren't messed around for the sake of a twist or trying to appear more complex than it is. Lots of good visual storytelling and world-building in here too. Hardy is good as Max but Theron steals the movie as Furiosa. The action sequences are incredible and imaginative. Should be a wake-up call to all other modern action movies, this is how you do it!"
75 T4 X-Men: First Class (2011) - Jul 11, 2015
"Surprisingly good reboot of the X-Men franchise, the alternate history stuff is a lot of fun and Kevin Bacon is a fun villain to watch. A great example for how to reboot a franchise correctly."
55 T2 Jurassic World (2015) - Jul 11, 2015
"To say this is the best Jurassic Park sequel is damning it with faint praise. It's the kind of movie I wouldn't turn off if I stumbled upon it on TV but wouldn't go out of my way to watch again. I would've liked more large-scale sequences that took advantage of the large crowds in the open park but we don't get much of it instead we get small groups running around the island, which we've seen before done better. Just keep watching the original, it's a classic for a reason."
15 T1 Terminator Genisys (2015) - Jul 11, 2015
"Remember when we thought Terminator 3 was bad? Then the snooze-fest that was Terminator Salvation? Well the franchise descends to a new low with this one. Lot's of nostalgia pandering to the first two movies (you know, the good ones), needlessly convoluted plot and just plain boring to watch. Also, Hollywood, if you're listening, please stop casting Jai Courtney in movies, thanks in advance."
50 T2 Prometheus (2012) - Jun 16, 2012
"Prometheus feels like two movies, one a prequel to Alien, the other an exploration of "why are we here, who made us" themes that has been awkwardly mashed together into one movie. Important moments are never given time to breathe, reducing their impact, and are often barely even mentioned afterwards. This makes the grandiose themes seem small and ultimately uninteresting. There are some good performaces, notable Fassbender, and nice visuals, but poor characters and weak story bring the film down"
35 T1 Tron: Legacy (2010) - Jan 01, 2011
"Nice special effects and Daft Punk don't make up for what is a soulless movie. There's no real story here, just some vague premise to hang effects sequences on. Nothing that happens feels like it has any consequence, it's like they had a bunch of different ideas of what they wanted to do and instead of focusing on a few decided to just throw everything in regardless of whether it made sense or was necessary. A movie made to kick-start a franchise rather than tell a good story."
75 T4 Sorority Row (2009) - Aug 31, 2010
70 T3 Innerspace (1987) - Aug 31, 2010
55 T2 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) - Aug 30, 2010
"Gyllenhaal gives a charisma-free performance which only serves to show how lucky PotC was to have someone like Depp as the star. When combined with with Arterton's recycled 'every haughty princess ever' and a bad guy twist you'll guess in the first 5 minutes you're left with a movie that looks nice but is ultimately hollow. The movie really lacks any real heart, it comes off as a by-the-numbers attempt to create a franchise, PotC style, but doesn't have that movie's wit or sense of fun."
75 T4 The Prisoner (2009) - Aug 02, 2010
"A remake of The Prisoner, simply by it's existance, will polarise fans of the original series, which leads to some unfair criticism towards this surprisingly well crafted reimagining. The same basic plot as the original is present, but the much feared explanation is actually interesting and well earned. McKellen does well in his role, but Caviezel, though enjoyable enough, lacks the charisma and intensity that McGoohan brought to it. The Village is also less surreal and dissapointing as a result"