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91 80% Chloe in the Afternoon (1972) - Nov 26, 2021
"Spoiler..... Why am I so surprised nothing happened? Really well done ending."
88 50% The Guilty (2021) - Nov 12, 2021
"All of the action is basically left to your imagination. That made the movie somewhat interesting and unique for me. "
90 71% Tape (2001) - Aug 19, 2021
"This was made between the first and second movies of the Before trilogy, but I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon it so many years after fully enjoying the Before trilogy. And it was great to see these 3 actors ("Jesse" plus Tarantino's go-to girl plus the guy from Dead Poet's Society) in a Linklater style dialogue-centric movie. A bit unrealistic that nobody left the room and nobody says what they think, when any human would have.... but who cares!"
90 71% The Green Knight (2021) - Aug 17, 2021
"Don't over analyze a fantasy movie. It's just a fun journey."
90 71% A Single Man (2009) - Aug 15, 2021
"I liked the dialogue about life and the present moment and connecting with other human beings. This dialogue was very relevant in the context of a depressed person and his will to live, or lack thereof. I found my myself never bored, and instead wondering in every scene.... Has he finally found a reason to live?"
89 59% Nightcrawler (2014) - Aug 09, 2021
"I liked the way Jake G. was ruthless and spoke as if his business was larger than it was, in learned (but never actually experienced) business lingo. But I'm not sure what the point was. I guess it was some commentary on capitalism."
90 71% Stillwater (2021) - Aug 02, 2021
92 85% Bad Boy Bubby (1993) - Aug 01, 2021
"This movie is disturbing at times but really makes you think about fundamental human behavior in the absence of intervention by parents, and before empathy comes into play. Kind of a cross between Joker and Dogtooth."
86 37% I Care a Lot (2021) - Jun 22, 2021
90 71% White Girl (2016) - Jun 14, 2021