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Vince Leo

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Qwipster's Movie Reviews - 774 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 9, 2006

Location: USA

Bio: Check out my film reviews at http://www.qwipster.net

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83 91% Life Is Beautiful (1997) - Jun 22, 2008
"It's entertaining and tragic, hilarious and serious all at the same time with performances and characters that will stay with you forever. [Read Full Review]"
70 56% Juno (2007) - Jun 22, 2008
"With solid casting, especially of Ellen Page in what might be a star-making role, Juno succeeds in being funny, thoughtful, and always interesting. [Read Full Review]"
75 74% Infernal Affairs (2002) - Jun 22, 2008
"With smooth as silk direction and intelligent screenwriting, Infernal Affairs, isn't just a good Hong Kong film, but one of the better action-thriller cop films in recent years -- perhaps the best since L.A. Confidential, which this reminds me of quite a bit. [Read Full Review]"
70 56% Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Jun 22, 2008
"While it isn't a must-see film by any stretch, it delivers the entertainment and escapism you're likely seeking going in. [Read Full Review]"
93 97% The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) - May 31, 2008
"The Purple Rose of Cairo is essential viewing for those who love Woody Allen, old Hollywood features, or just anyone who has ever felt the magic of the movies. [Read Full Review]"
80 86% The Killer (1989) - May 31, 2008
"The Killer is a great action picture, one of the best of the 1980s. [Read Full Review]"
70 56% Drugstore Cowboy (1989) - May 31, 2008
"Looking back on it nowadays, it all seems a bit naive in its portrayals of junkies, but it still manages to hold up as a good film, thanks to the interesting characterizations and the visual flair of its director. [Read Full Review]"
81 88% The Player (1992) - May 31, 2008
"Insider jokes abound, in this very incisive satirical thriller that represents one of director Robert Altman's finest films in his career [Read Full Review]"
100 99% Jaws (1975) - May 31, 2008
"With excellent character development, a pitch-perfect delivery of mounting intrigue, and a hell of a climactic showdown that will have every viewer silent on the edge of their seat, Jaws proves to be one of the greatest thrillers ever created -- a blueprint for all movies to follow it in how to achieve true visceral suspense. Absolute must-see entertainment for fans of Spielberg, monster flicks, and just about everyone looking for a scary good time. [Read Full Review]"
82 90% There Will Be Blood (2007) - Mar 30, 2008
"There Will Be Blood is a mesmerizing work, and perhaps a bit of a flawed masterpiece in its ability to transcend above and beyond the story at hand to cause us to reflect deeply on the history of the country, our thirst for oil, our religious zealotry, and the dark and disturbing nature of humanity itself [Read Full Review]"