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90 89% Die Hard (1988) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Such a fantastic action movie. So many quotable lines! Timeless? In any case, definitely worth watching at least once for everybody, and fans of action pics (or just young Bruce Willis) will end up watching this over and over and over again. Just taps into what an action movie SHOULD be."
55 17% Silent Hill (2006) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Good/interesting visuals, but storywise it just didn't really gel. Lots of shots looked very similar to the videogames the movie is based on, but that's not really enough to hold up a movie alone."
90 89% Blade Runner (1982) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Such a classic sci-fi film. Very very cool version of what the future holds. Strong performances, and an interesting story."
70 46% Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) - Rated 10 May 2007
"I think I like Mrs. Featherbottom more (see Arrested Development). Still watched it a couple of times when I was younger (and obviously didn't know any better) and found it somewhat amusing."
70 46% Back to the Future Part II (1989) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Lots of cool ideas, but I always kinda liked the third one more, and of course the first one is classic. Storywise it just didn't do much for me. Still want a hoverboard tho. :-)"
60 25% Troy (2004) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Underwhelming. And if watched with a slightly cynical sibling, becomes nigh unwatchable due to its unintentional hilarity. Plus Brad Pitt (while admittedly very tasty) just doesn't really deliver as Achilles."
80 71% The Bourne Supremacy (2004) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Great action flick, although the fight scenes are shot WAY too closely. Nicely paced and certainly holds up to multiple viewings."
65 32% The Running Man (1987) - Rated 10 May 2007
"Not really Arnold's best or worst work. Entertaining popcorn "turn your brain off" flick even to this day. I get the urge to watch it every couple of years cuz my brain keeps tricking me into remembering it being a lot better than it actually was."
75 60% Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) - Rated 10 May 2007
"More Cowboy Bebop can't be a bad thing. Just wish that it had a little bit more ambition to it. Kinda just felt like an extended episode, which like I said isn't a bad thing per se. More for fans of the anime than casual moviegoers. The series though is definitely worth watching in its entirety."
50 10% The Last Samurai (2003) - Rated 10 May 2007
"SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! I dunno, decent movie I guess, but Tom Cruise just totally rubbed me the wrong way in it. Felt cliched too, like I'd already seen the movie in certain places. Guess you could do worst then seeing this, but then again, you could definitely do better."