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Movie Buff - 482 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 22, 2017

Location: Macedonia

Bio: I love European movies.
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86 87% The Spy (2019) - Jan 12, 2021
"Superb in almost every way."
75 51% American Animals (2018) - Jan 07, 2021
"Could have had a better pace."
81 74% Chernobyl (2019) - Jan 07, 2021
"Well we in the middle knew some, but not all of it. And we still don't. "
79 65% Calm with Horses (2020) - Jan 07, 2021
"Raw and tough. No bullshit acting. Straight line story, predictable, but nicely done."
100 98% Olive Kitteridge (2014) - Jan 06, 2021
"Best goddamn serie I ever watched. Francis is the best. The story is real, conversations, real. All of it. The pain, the suffering, the endurance. "
74 47% Kill Your Friends (2015) - Jan 05, 2021
"Profit....this movie made me look for the etymology of the term. By the way, the movie was fun, but if you are wasted, then it is a numb experience."
81 74% Another Round (2020) - Dec 21, 2020
"What a night, what a splash into beautiful life, with no brakes, with no fakes, with no chance to go back on the waves. But we win, but we lose, but we still keep on trying with booze, but we fail, but touch the ground and we bail. "
75 51% 9 rota (2005) - Dec 19, 2020
"Pretty good war movie. "
61 12% Fare (2016) - Dec 13, 2020
"Started off well, went not so bad, ended so fucking terrible."
91 93% Hillbilly Elegy (2020) - Dec 11, 2020
"Glen Close and Amy Adams. What??? What?? You want more you fucks? That's the best you can get. Awesome drama, full of amazing acting experience, some hard time little situations. But all in all, an american movie that maybe showed the flag once or twice and made it through with quality in the middle."