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86 70% The Matrix Resurrections (2021) - Dec 25, 2021
"The first act's wit and meta-narrative are splendid, as are the recurring motifs of the false choice between the terrifying and the desirable, and memory as an aid and a hindrance in discerning reality. The new baddie has potential and propels the story in novel ways. The Matrix and the real world, are given enough of a makeover to keep it from feeling like we've seen it all before."
53 12% Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) - Dec 12, 2021
"The first act is goofy and irreverent, and for that long the gimmicks work. Then the director makes the mistake of thinking that he can coast through the entire second half by cycling through that too small rotation again and again. Ramona's seven evil exes number about four too many and the third and fourth fights have bone-headed resolutions. The finale pushes the edge the wrong way, towards camp. Most offensively, Chris Evans is shoe-horned into a look that doesn't work for him."
77 50% Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - Dec 11, 2021
"As a fervent hater of It's a Wonderful Life, I expected rotten garbage. Instead I got a story that engaged me more than I anticipated and has aged fairly well. Deserves a Modest recommendation for the sentiment and only one terrible child actor."
57 17% Vivo (2021) - Dec 04, 2021
"I never came to care for the most of the story's characters. Gabi was supposed to be vivacious but materialized as merely annoying. Too many characters introduced along the story's journey are just narcissists lost in themselves. I'm also ultimately unsure how Vivo can "sing" for audiences when he, as an animal, is also portrayed as being unable to speak to communicate. Miranda unfortunately passes on every opportunity to change his rapping flow during the film."
0% Joker (2019) - Nov 24, 2021
"Why does the downtrodden citizenry of Gotham make Joker their hero? He's done nothing but murder people, including one who ran for his life - shooting him in the back!, to win his undeserved popularity. Worse, Joker's "disorder" only exists to alienate other characters and the writer never tries to think of a better way to accomplish that end. De Niro's humiliation of Arthur was pointlessly cruel as well as a copyright violation that would never air. Bleak Incel fare, avoid at all costs!"
74 44% The Harder They Fall (2021) - Nov 22, 2021
"An excellent soundtrack propels a movie that slowly ups the stakes as the story progresses without testing believability. The action is well done and the plot is better than expected at the end. The only real flaws are that twice it tries too hard to be stylistic and embarrasses itself in its attempts to be cool, and the CGI blood was terribly unconvincing. Ah, to live in a world where every outlaw is as menacingly articulate as Stanfield's Cherokee Bill ..."
64 29% The Little Prince (2015) - Nov 20, 2021
"The voice acting is magnificent, as is much of the execution. The fantasy of it all executes themes of materialism, dreams lost or forgotten well, but I fear that it becomes far too surreal and layered in places for comprehension for most children."
35 2% The Cat from Outer Space (1978) - Nov 06, 2021
"An unforgivably terrible Disney effort. Scene after scene of slapstick nonsense instead of even attempts at charm, adventure or humor."
47 8% Gnome Alone (2017) - Oct 30, 2021
"The main 2 characters are likeable enough, but lacks a sense of adventure, wonder, or charm, as one would expect with Jeff Dunham and George Lopez in the cast."
63 28% Injustice (2021) - Oct 23, 2021
"A decent adaptation that's solid but not exceptional. The main problem is that Superman is clearly wrong in this conflict and becomes far too murderous to be anything but a overbearing psychopath, leaving the viewer no choice but to side with Batman, denying the moral conflict that the story could have."