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88 43% Wedding Crashers (2005) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"The lines Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn deliver in this movie are timeless. Too many to mention here. Jane Seymour plays a very interesting character for her. Be prepared to laugh!"
90 70% Old School (2003) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"A very funny movie. With the comedy team of Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Matthew Carey, and Vince Vaughn, you know what to outrageous movie and a good time."
90 70% Halloween (2007) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"I like this version a lot more than the originals. Michael was reinvented very well. Seeing him as a child and the look in his eyes makes him scarier. You see the evil in him, not just a man walking around with a knife."
90 70% American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"The first half of this movie is absolutely hilarious. I could not stop laughing. Naked Mile has some incredibly well written characters that make the movie. Erik Stifler's character and the storyline was well thought out. Erik's problem with bowels is classic. This is a great addition to the American Pie series of movies."
75 17% Twilight (2008) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"This movie is geared toward a younger audience. It is centered around the relationship of the two main characters. It is not a bad movie."
73 12% Friday the 13th (2009) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"As a major fan of the Friday The 13th series, this one was a must watch. It has its good and bad points. Good points...Jason was strong, cunning, fast, and a skilled predator; he had tunnels underground (which explained how he got around so fast during the past 20-years); pretty woman (a big part of the series). Bad points...a very, very slow movie. It was about 20-minutes or more before the characters in the movie was introduced. Not bloody enough, no camp councilors, and too bland."
90 70% Final Destination 3 (2006) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"The best of the Final Destination series. The movie merges horror, suspense, thrill and action into a great movie. Death is a new and inventive force in part three. It is not a typical, cookie-cutter, know what to expect third installment of a movie."
90 70% The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"This film has taken too much flack after the world found out it was fake. This movie takes you on a roller coaster ride of fear like no other movie before. You feel like you are there with them."
89 50% Taken (2008) - Rated 15 Mar 2009
"A great action movie and a character. You cannot help but like the lead character. He is vengeful, determined, unapologetic, unforgiving, and "skilled." The lines are perfect for Neeson and match his inflection and accent in the movie perfectly. Great all around."
15 8% The Postman (1997) - Rated 08 Feb 2009
"Too sci-fi. Not a great story."