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Member Since: Aug 28, 2009

Location: Norway

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85 58% Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) - Dec 26, 2022
75 28% Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Jul 08, 2011
"This is a huge mega-blockbuster epic - and astoundingly stupid. Robots that move their lips to talk, with the emotional maturity of five year olds and that travel from beyond the stars to converse in stilted, grandiose english. For G**s sake - one of these robots has a metal moustache dingling when he talks! See it to enjoy cities being destroyed and s**t blowing up. See it to meditate on what its popularity says about humanity. Laugh at its cliched pomposity. And enjoy! Big screen is a must!"
90 82% True Grit (2010) - Jun 24, 2011
"Beautiful, engaging movie from the wild west, where emotions are bottled up and slip out in actions rather than talk. Cool and interesting main character - a young girl who is a child but also tough as nails, and her attempt to get closure by revenging her father."
90 82% Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) - Jun 24, 2011
"Saw it in 2D and found it far better than the first. The plot is more interesting, the villain more of a person, the jokes are smarter, the emotion is more real and engaging."
80 40% Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Jun 24, 2011
"Charming and cute movie that follows a straight-line plot that you`ve seen before. OK entertainment - often nicely animated. Sequel is better."
81 43% Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) - May 21, 2011
"Ok entertainment of the braindead family-pleasing blockbuster kind. Some fun lines by Depp, some groan-inducing gags, some special effects that no longer make your eyes pop out, and a plot that doesn`t make sense if you start thinking. So don`t. Just sit back and watch."
85 58% Iron Man (2008) - May 21, 2011
"This is a fun movie. Downey`s character is quirky and fun and well played without going over-the-Johnny-Depp-top, the plot is nice, the effects and development charming, and the action scenes not too excessively filled with quick cuts of close ups of metal smashing into metal (e.g., transformers 2 and Iron man 2)."
87 69% Thor (2011) - May 21, 2011
"This was a surprisingly fun counting-down-to-the-big-avengers-movie entry. A bit like the first Iron Man, in the sense that you expect something truly B-grade and you`re pleasantly surprised. The character designs I`d seen on the net seemed god-awful, but they work within the movie."
68 14% Rio (2011) - May 21, 2011
"Sorry - but this was awful. I can`t remember having seen something so by-the-numbers in a long time - plot, characters, side-kicks... painful..."
89 75% Rango (2011) - May 21, 2011
"Coool animation feature with warped character designs and a warped humor and style that I found great fun."