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85 T7 Annabelle (2014) - 29 Oct 2014
"While a good Horror film its certainly no match for The Conjuring and fans hoping to get something similar will be disappointed, like I was."
83 T7 A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) - 15 Oct 2014
"While some jokes miss the mark and MacFarlane can get annoying this is still a very funny movie and fans of his type of comedy won't be disappointed."
88 T8 The Fault in Our Stars (2014) - 15 Oct 2014
"A film that will hit you right in the feels, and there are solid performances here from the young leads."
80 T6 Tammy (2014) - 15 Oct 2014
"While its another similar character for McCarthy there's no denying she's fun to watch and there is enough here to enjoy."
98 T10 The Purge: Anarchy (2014) - 15 Oct 2014
"An improvement on the first thanks to a group of likeable survivors banding together to survive the night on the streets."
82 T6 Divergent (2014) - 15 Oct 2014
"A good film that probably doesnt deserve the hype it has received but it will hit its right target audiences."
77 T5 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) - 15 Oct 2014
"No match for the first 300 but there was enough here to keep me interested and visually it looked great, but perhaps a little over the top."
85 T7 Into the Storm (2014) - 22 Sep 2014
"Despite being a tad corny, its a modern 'Twister' and there is enough here to make it enjoyable."
85 T7 The Maze Runner (2014) - 19 Sep 2014
"A good film with an interesting premise that finishes off strong, but its a fairly slow path to the finale."
76 T5 Magic Mike (2012) - 10 Sep 2014
"Clearly an 'eye candy' and not a lot more but an interesting look into the world of exotic dancing."