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Bio: I love watching movie ever since my childhood.
from times being a flick fan into serious movie is a lifestyle and its certainly one of my lifestyle.every genre has its own gems whether is documentary,melodrama,even musicals.
i love every movie genre with the exception of Drama,Sci-fi,Mystery/thriller and horror as my favorite.

film review score:
100:masterpiece (must watch)
90+:Superb (must watch)
80+:excellent (recommended)
70+:good (give it a try)
60+:mediocre(watch it if you have enough time)
50-:below average (shouldn't watch)
below 40:bad (avoid it)
0-20:terrible (stay far far away)
There are several so bad its good movies that are so much fun to watch.
for example: Feast (2005),scary movie
trilogy,etc. nonetheless, every movie is focused on giving us a rich cinematic experience and that is what matters most.

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75 46% The World\ The World's End (2013) - Rated 06 Dec 2013
"In a straight forward manner,"The World's End" isn't much of a great closure that it suppose to be or could be. surprisingly,it was the weakest part after its lavish and exciting preceding. although,its unexpectedly more mature and thoughtful by avoid easy laugh and became more sober towards the character.especially in part of Pegg convincing role as the so-called hedonistic leader of the gang. nonetheless,it still delivers the goods from the british comic duo and a memorable punchline."
80 58% Headhunters Headhunters (2011) - Rated 19 Aug 2013
"a slick well-crafted thiller without being pretentious whatsoever. the twist was good enough,if it isn't without flaw. there was nothing new in this kind of thiller,but solid acting and being self aware for sole purpose of avoiding any dullness are enough to make it interesting. "Headhunter" was a clever fast pace thiller without being too serious or lacking some wits. even smart enough to make the character looks like deserving a second chance even though he was guilty as charge."
95 90% Rosemary\ Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Rated 22 Jul 2013
"it had been said over times by many critics and moviegoers all over the world but i will said it again "Its the landmark of modern horror".thus making Polanski,one of the pioneer of the genre.with some inspire of expressionism and voyeurism. The film started up slow but surely built up momentum to reach its endearing climax. last but not least was the brilliant acting of Mia Farrow,she carried it all through the end. Rosemary's Baby is eerie,creepy,and strangely artistic."
30 5% The Last Exorcism Part II The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) - Rated 23 Jun 2013
"a unnecessary horror sequel that neither creative nor inventive.the only thing good about this movie is Ashley Bell acting,but unfortunately her talent was overshadow by terrible plot. there is no element of surprise that usually comes with the genre,only a handful of psychological thiller that almost reach the level of pretentious.unless you're a big fan of the first one and care about Ashely Bell brilliant acting,stay far away from this so-called last exorcism."
65 30% Man of Steel Man of Steel (2013) - Rated 16 Jun 2013
"the rebirth of our beloved superman is more like a power struggle between serious dramatic echoes and spectacular visual effects. with Christopher Nolan doing the another side of krypton boy,while Snyder furnish it with his usual style of artistic visual and special effects. for most part of the movie,their teamwork is working as the story got interesting and the action had enough tension. yet there were no fun factor whatsoever,only a great cast with tons of poignant scene and immersive visual."
85 72% The Warriors The Warriors (1979) - Rated 07 Jul 2013
""Can you dig it,sucka ? catchy phrase from Walter Hill's iconic feature "The Warriors". a rare commodity of the early 80's where most of gangster film turned toward classy italian mob boss.on the other hand,Hill try to refresh the genre by going into american pop culture of the late 70's and looking toward the life of low life gangster.fortunately,the film wasn't as terrible as the material he try to adapt. the result was a stylish crime movie filled with loads of originality."
70 38% Pacific Rim Pacific Rim (2013) - Rated 18 Jul 2013
"A spectacle of monster-mashing squander and cutting edge giant robot. It sounds typical indeed.Fortunately,Del Toro try to convey his signature style of mythic storytelling and humanize character aspect into this monster mayhem. Although it stills a mindless action flick that rely mostly (if not all) on luxurious and always dependable CGI effects.nevertheless,it was fun to watch Guillermo Del Toro version of transformer. At the very least it was much better than Michael Bay sleazy "Transformer"
80 58% Monsters University Monsters University (2013) - Rated 24 Jun 2013
"the long awaited sequel of lovable pixar monster is surprisingly good. in fact it is very good than even surpassed the first one in terms of wits and slapstick humor without losing the manner of how the story was told that its predecessor had. although this prequel were years in the making and the result is far below the likes of toy story which is very unfortunate. nonetheless,"MU" didn't come out dull for the adults,while the kids might enjoy even is a solid animation if its not great"
85 72% The Conjuring The Conjuring (2013) - Rated 02 Aug 2013
"Reinventing the horror genre is one of sole purpose that many have tried,but only few made it or at least near this so-called reinvention.The latest haunting house flick from James Wan was close to that achievement,if not out of reach. It was haunting and down right scary. but it was the clever writing that many today horror film lacks of and fortunately wan latest flick is not one of them. "The Conjuring" is not only terrifying,but it was also brilliantly suspenseful and compelling."
100 96% Gravity Gravity (2013) - Rated 14 Oct 2013
"Simply a terrific achievement in cinema magic.its almost rare that a mainstream big budget movie nowadays could came out like "Gravity". perfectly decorated with a dazzling spectacular effects without lost of focus in fundamental human drama. Cuaron has thrived in brilliant storytelling without overshadowed by the technology and starpower of bullock and clooney. once again,it is a masterpiece out of mainstream cinema."