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Location: USA

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86% Barry Lyndon (1975) - Jan 14, 2021
"Barry lived, by all means, an extraordinary life and with sharing has made my ordinary one a little more extraordinary. "
18% Lost on Everest (2020) - Jan 13, 2021
"They were up at the base-camps for like 40 days and never mentioned to the sherpa guides that they would be going off path? I feel bad for the sherpas who had to carry all their camera equipment//lodgings//month worth of food for naught. For supposed experts in their fields they sure ran a gloriously amateurish dog and pony show. "
59% Free Solo (2018) - Jan 13, 2021
"Boy I couldn't live like that"
38% I, Tonya (2017) - Jan 13, 2021
"I'm torn on the use of differing versions of events. For one, the feeling is almost Sisyphean, there was no discerning narrative progress if the conclusion is a metaphorical arms thrown up and a shrug. Maybe if they leaned further into it there would be more of a pay off, as it stands though this element feels both under and over utilized with how the picture stands. Moreover, the excessive pop music acted as a crutch for rhythm and emotional oscillation. "
86% The Princess Bride (1987) - Jan 13, 2021
"Too much fun and rewatchable."
18% Darkness Falls (2003) - Nov 11, 2019
"Cool idea but nothing more. It could have been 25 minutes long and nothing would have been lost. Overall, there are more unintentional funny moments than there are intentional scary moments. "
24% Insomnia (2002) - Nov 11, 2019
"It has strangely clunky editing that makes the film feel closer to a made-for-TV Lifetime movie than films like Seven, Twin Peaks, and so on. "
59% And Everything Is Going Fine (2010) - Oct 31, 2019
"This is my first and only introduction into Spalding Gray. I saw it probably right when it came out on dvd -- so nine years ago -- and I still think about Gray and his stories. I don't know if its because the movie is so good or because Spalding is a mistro. "
38% Logan Lucky (2017) - Oct 31, 2019
"Half baked but entertaining. "
59% The Graduate (1967) - Oct 31, 2019
"This be funnier than you'd expect and it's got those bumpin Garfunkel tunes that really make the panties fly off"