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Angel's Egg

Drama, Fantasy
1h 11m
A young girl is the sole protector of a very precious, large egg. Her lair is near a large, abandoned, decaying gothic city inhabited by restless shadows. A mysterious young man arrives one day, and eventually wins her trust... (imdb)
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a personal allegory by a director rumored to have suffered a crisis of faith which swayed him from the path to priesthood. heavily informed by christian perspectives and symbolism, it's a grand and sombre work which magnifies the mysterious forces underlying how human beings exist and relate to the world, ruminating on various dichotomies: creation and destruction, innocence and experience, being and becoming, the material and the transcendent, truth and myth. it's anime for tarkovsky fans.
Oshii surely likes symbolism. Angel's egg is a journey through subconcsious without a word. Beatiful artwork by Amano. One may not get it (I didn't) which will not take out the unique and serene quality it has and still enjoy.
Serenely cold and withdrawn, the timbre is otherworldly and frightening. There are a few strange motifs: shadow men hunt shadow fish in a lifeless stone city; a brief exploration of the scientific process and the way humans err to learn; flirtations with Christian mythology only to reveal its Christ as distinctly human. Probably overambitious, and too distracted even in its short running time to achieve on its ambitions. But worth watching, with haunting artwork.
The allegories (if you can even call such a blatant Christ figure an allegory) are too blunt to be interesting, and the slowness of the film seems unwarranted. It invites you to provide your own interpretation, yet it doesn't really encourage you to. There were some parts I didn't quite understand, but the parts I did understand didn't inspire me to dig any deeper. I didn't like Ghost in the Shell that much either, but at least it had a fun hipness to it. This is mostly just goth twaddle.
This is the most artistically ambitious Japanese animated film I've seen, but it's important to note I haven't seen a lot. Beautiful, quiet imagery and an atonal musical score mixed with an esoteric, philosophical storyline make for a powerful experience. It's mercifully short at 71 minutes; I likely wouldn't be able to take much more. I doubt I really know what it's about (there's clearly a religious theme), but it's the kind of movie that succeeds thanks to its inconclusive outlook.
Avg Percentile 64.75% from 535 total ratings

Cast & Info

Director: Mamoru_OshiiMamoru Oshii
Runtime: 1h 11m
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
AKAs: 天使のたまご, Tenshi no tamago

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