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The Normal Heart

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Rated 02 Jun 2014
It's unfortunate that important subject matter doesn't necessarily translate into a great film since the inspiration deserves better. Fortunately the performances are so stellar they're enough 2 distract u from the fact that you're watching essentially the same scene play out over & over again. The protagonist's belligerent self-righteousness & the script's lapses into Monday-Morning indignation over people who certainly had every reason to be terrified of an unknown contagion don't help either
Rated 19 Jun 2014
High production value. Fine performances (especially from Bomer and Mantello). Overwrought direction -- saccharine doesn't begin to cover it.
Rated 05 Jul 2015
Milk, Dallas Buyers Club, Normal Heart, I still haven't found the AIDS movie for me. They're not aiming to entertain, I suppose they're aiming to educate. And educate they did, in a 30-second post-film text graphic saying "Every day 6,000 people contract AIDS. 36 million have died worldwide." That was more interesting to me than all of the 2 hours of dramatic anger scenes followed by dramatic crying scenes etc. That's what I was wondering during the movie, and is the rate increasing? etc.
Rated 12 Jan 2015
Individual performances are great but all together felt like something missing..
Rated 31 Jul 2014
I hadn't seen this perspective before & it was really interesting. It's a shame the direction couldn't live up to it. It has pacing issues & I know it IS a TV movie, but it always FEELS like one, which isn't exactly a good thing. There were some strong performances, but Ruffalo, while he wasn't bad, he wasn't perfect either. Parsons should stay on Big Bang Theory where I don't have to see him. Not amazing, but the subject matter is important & the emotion was there, so I'd call it a success.
Rated 02 Sep 2014
There's one too many shouting matches and overwrought monologues but it's got solid across the board performances and it really does more than an adequate job of passionately documenting the horror and desperation of the early AIDS crisis. Not ashamed to admit it brought me to tears several times.
Rated 29 Jun 2014
Not a great movie per se, but its powerful stories leave an impact nonetheless.
Rated 17 Jun 2022
Touchant, c'est indéniable. Larmoyant, c'est évident.
Rated 04 Oct 2019
It doesn't offer the pleasures of subtlety, but there are still some good--and one or two great--moments. Mark Ruffalo is a huge talent, and like most big talents, benefits more than lesser ones from strong direction. That most certainly is not Ryan Murphy. One wonders what could have been...
Rated 31 May 2014
Good performances and touching stories make this historical drama about the early days of AIDS a must-see.
Rated 04 Jun 2014
It's all about the genesis of Aids in the NY 80's gay scene and would make a nice companion piece to Dallas Buyer's club. This was less about happy fun time with the gays and more about sad scenes with sad music and dying. The emotions are a bit overwrought at times. It seems everyone was contracted to do a shouting monologue and it was about as subtle as a ball peen hammer crashing into my testicles. Bomer is impressive as is Kitsch but Ruffalo looked very uncomfortable at times.
Rated 09 Apr 2015
Brings the drama of a time in history where America willingly ignored a group of dying people based on traditional and religious bigotry. Mark Ruffalo plays the role sincere and realistically, subtle even at times when the character is being dramatic (and is accused of being a drama queen).
Rated 12 Jun 2015
Well-made melodrama that fully exploits the powers of its cast, particularly Ruffalo, excellent as always, and Bomer, who possesses the kind of consummate, apparently effortless charm that fewer and fewer filmmakers seem to know what to do with, or are willing to whip up the right kind of fluff for.
Rated 05 Aug 2014
Oyunculuklar başarılı ama temelde olan konuya yapılan eklemeler başarısız olmuş.
Rated 06 Sep 2015
It's not a perfect movie for the subject, but its story picks up over its duration and concludes flawlessly.
Rated 31 Mar 2015
My rating is a very generous one. This film is a nightmare of actors 'emoting', and a pacing that turns leaden very quickly as we have to be told how people feel. 'Show, don't tell' is one of the key rules of modern art, and Ruffalo's constant squawking completely fails to capture the great indifference with which the AIDS crisis was treated. Quite the opposite, in fact. Just a completely mistaken approach to the subject. I only rate it this high so people won't think I'm anti-gay.
Rated 08 Jun 2020
The monologue for Tommy boatwright which wasnt in the play is the best part
Rated 03 Dec 2014
The Normal Heart focusses on a very difficult subject; HIV/Aids. But where Philadelphia hits the right buttons The Normal Heart doesn't. The acting of especially Ruffalo feels very unstable; sometimes he is good other times he isn't. I just don't connect to it. 42/100.
Rated 17 Aug 2020
And the Band Played On is the more enjoyable film, but The Normal Heart a more impactful telling of this subject matter, which should be essential viewing for all, gay or straight. The fact that this is a truly depressing film from start to finish can be a bit of a detriment, but I felt the same anger that the people in this story did. It certainly helps that the cast is so talented, with a lot of big names mixed in.
Rated 15 Jul 2014
At the moment I am speechless... - Very Good
Rated 30 Dec 2016
still havent watched it, but mark ruffalo has great voice so decided to review/see all his movies
Rated 22 Jun 2014
Good performances and some stories that nearly made me cry but I give it a zero because the Incredible Hulk was wrong: Alan Turning did not win World War 2 he just made it easier. Stupid writers with no knowledge of history.
Rated 26 Sep 2020
The Normal Heart is not an easy watch, though I suppose its not meant to be. While the film does well to portray both the nonchalance and panic from all parties involved, it too often resorts to melodrama (Murphy's familiar companion) cheapening the experience. The cast and performances are pretty good, but the characters feel more pastiche than real. An interesting perspective, but not a particularly enlightening one.
Rated 03 Jun 2015
Rated 20 Nov 2021
Important topic, fairly good film, but nothing I have not seen before. One inconsistency annoys me. Julia Robert's character can barely speak one sentence without pausing 3 times for breath due to the consequences of polio,, but when she makes a power speech before government officials near the end of the film, her speech difficulty has vanished.
Rated 11 Jun 2016
The Normal Heart isn't an easy watch, but it's essential viewing.
Rated 08 Jul 2015
A difficult chapter in the early history of AIDS. Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo were good. Matthew Bomer was very convincing. Set at a time when many had little sympathy for what was considered an exclusively gay disease. Informative, somewhat impactful and quite sad. Not for everyone, but basically worth watching.


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