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Overall Star Rankings

  • peppage

    #7371 - peppage has 1 stars from 1 users

    Black-Swan Black Swan - peppage's Most Popular Review
    85 - "CREEPY! This film was seriously creepy. Portman did a fantastic job, I didn't know what the hell was going on. Just creepy."
  • devinfm

    #7372 - devinfm has 1 stars from 1 users

    Drive-2011 Drive - devinfm's Most Popular Review
    30 - "Openening sequence is great... its all downhill from there. The writing, especially the bad guys dialogue, is terrible. It sounds like a 14 year old trying to imagine what a bad guy sounds like. "
  • noir

    #7373 - noir has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Reckless-Moment The Reckless Moment - noir's Most Popular Review
    88 - "Of such a tragic beauty that only Ophüls could conceive."
  • reallyawesom

    #7374 - reallyawesom has 1 stars from 1 users

    Sissy-Boy-Slap-Party Sissy Boy Slap Party - reallyawesom's Most Popular Review
    60 - "dude i have no idea."
  • Catchphrase

    #7375 - Catchphrase has 1 stars from 1 users

    Let-the-Right-One-In Let the Right One In - Catchphrase's Most Popular Review
    100 - "It would be SO difficult to make this film better, and I firmly believe that the american remake is going to totally ruin the story. This film is so beautiful, and so subtle, and the acting is astounding. "
  • mizuka

    #7376 - mizuka has 1 stars from 1 users

    Toy-Story Toy Story - mizuka's Most Popular Review
    100 - "A classic. "
  • Boulder862

    #7377 - Boulder862 has 1 stars from 1 users

    Europa-Report Europa Report - Boulder862's Most Popular Review
    90 - "I loved it."
  • eddie1337

    #7378 - eddie1337 has 1 stars from 1 users

    Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - eddie1337's Most Popular Review
    95 - "entertaining"
  • pwyse

    #7379 - pwyse has 1 stars from 1 users

    Taxi-Driver-1976 Taxi Driver - pwyse's Most Popular Review
    91 - "5"
  • FalinPerth

    #7380 - FalinPerth has 1 stars from 1 users

    Djinn Djinn - FalinPerth's Most Popular Review
    60 - "The best part of the movie is a beautifully haunting rendition of the Troll Mother's Lullaby in Arabic. And the costuming is well done. That's pretty much it. A movie with such great possibilities in its unique setting, history and narrative, still manages to be almost nothing but stereotypical cliches. The main characters get almost no personality, the main plot is uninteresting, and we see absolutely nothing of the UAE; it could have been filmed on an L.A. soundstage."
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