Love Lies Bleeding
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Love Lies Bleeding

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Rated 21 Mar 2024
This movie rips! Pretty much checks off everything I want from this type of noir; gritty/shocking violence, effective thrills, visceral cinematography, a mostly unpredictable plot, actually steamy sex scenes, and a memorable climax, with some scenes that could be read in to in different ways. Katy and Kristen have great chemistry and I loved both of their performances, and Ed Harris was delightfully strange and mean in his Ed Harris ways. Erotic, weird, gay and pulpy in the absolute best ways.
Rated 02 Apr 2024
Kind of just flies off the rails in the third act in an undeserving way and that’s not even mention the stupid ending. Up until that point fairly enjoyable with a great and bizarre performance from Ed Harris. Stewart’s icy, detached acting fit the feel of the film until it was her time to get in the emotional moments.. There’s a scene at the end where she’s yelling at Ed Harris and it actually seemed like a 7 year old being angry. Her personality works more in a movie like Adventureland
Rated 17 Mar 2024
Rose Glass is 2 for 2. Loved how much her horror chops from Saint Maud still show through even though this one isn't a horror film (I mean, it has its moments!) I need Katy O'Brian to headline her own John Wick-esque franchise stat
Rated 24 Mar 2024
Too grindhouse-y for my timid sensibilities but the blossoming of the Kristen Stewart Vehicle is one of the most interesting developments in American movies these days.
Rated 16 Mar 2024
Amazing beginning. A very cliche A24 ending. This is a biased review, the guy to my right was coughing up a lung, which definitely reduced the overall enjoyment of the film.
Rated 28 Mar 2024
Love Lies Bleeding is a movie that either needed to do more or less. At its core is a really good relationship. Stewart and O'Brian have great chemistry together and give great performances. I also love how 80's it is stylistically. Unfortunately the movie just keeps adding on unnecessary plot elements. IMO the film either needed to be longer so it could better flesh out those elements or scale things back to better fit the runtime. Though Overall I do like it and found it very entertaining.
Rated 24 Mar 2024
Excellent directing and performances. The bleaker 80s aesthetic is a fresh take on an era that is usually overly-exploited in cinema. Narrative gets a bit wonky at the end, but it's a thrilling romance/action flick for sure.
Rated 01 Apr 2024
Feels tailor-made to the young A24 crowd, with its coolness, violence, and emotional intensity. But it's remarkably well made, helped by the heart-felt romance at its centre. Stewart ain't too great, but O'Brian does wonders in her emotional and physical performance. A movie with many fun ingredients, and feels simultaneously more human and more misanthropic as it concludes. My favorite 'lesbians on the lam' film of 2024.
Rated 28 Mar 2024
Rated 19 Apr 2024
Rated 18 Mar 2024
Vibes and some surprising imagery do not a movie make. It also doesn't explore a few themes, so much as vaguely gesture at them. What succeeded for me was the love story of our two royally fucked up main characters.
Rated 25 Mar 2024
I go back and forth on this one. Great but I think the literal shit on screen at the start of the movie turned me off.
Rated 26 Mar 2024
An absolute screamer of a film. Carefree blend of noir, 80s kitsch, body/psychological horror, and romance that displays Rose Glass' rhizomatic growth from Saint Maud. Feels kind of like a gayer Refn movie on steroids and I mean that in the best way.
Rated 15 Apr 2024
Genuinely stumped by this movie, which is not necessarily a bad thing. As a campy revenge thriller, it's kinda genius. It's never boring to watch skeezy, variously mulleted lowlifes as they fight and fuck themselves into bigger and bigger trouble. But messes are, well, messy. O'Brian gives a sympathetic performance that's at odds with the movie's plan for her as a grimdark She-Hulk. The constant switching between stations keeps the audience guessing, for better and for worse.
Rated 17 Mar 2024
This is what Drive Away Dolls should have been.
Rated 26 Mar 2024
This film takes enormous swings, especially in the final act, and I think it manages to connect with all of them. It has an extremely dark and nasty sense of humour, and ends up feeling a bit like the answer to the question "What if David Cronenberg had directed 'Red Rock West'?"


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